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We are purists, pioneers and perfectionists who have lost faith in the system that manufacturers personal care products. So, we started making them ourselves sans the chemicals and the misleading marketing-spin that drives us stir-crazy mad!

We are purists, pioneers, and perfectionists creating the next generation of non-toxic personal care products where function meets luxury, natural means true, and healthy is clean and clear of toxins. We assemble the ingredients of our products they way one does to make a nutritious, delicious meal.


We make every product by hand from mixing to sealing to labeling. We believe that being healthy in this day and age is as much about getting, and keeping, harmful toxins off your body as it is about putting good, healthy things in.


We will never lie, hide, spin, double-talk or mislead anyone about what is in our products. If we find out from a supplier that there is an ingredient that does not meet our high standards, or new information raises safety questions, we will either change the product or stop making it all together.


The LASTICS BODY part of LASTICS was born by the BODY in a New York City kitchen in 2015.


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Using whole, functional, often food-grade ingredients, we make products that are inspired by nutrition for people who move and want beautiful body products without putting harmful toxins onto, and into, their bodies.

LASTICS BODY products feel as good to use psychologically as they do physically because they are filled with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that will give your body the love it deserves.


Each product is inspired by nutrition and made with simple, straightforward ingredients for people who move, are on-the-go and want to avoid putting harmful chemicals on their bodies in the process.


Gorgeous scents, great application, no fillers and heavy-hitting results make it easy to enjoy these products as a healthier alternative to your average, everyday personal care products. 


We are very picky about our claims. So, below is a guide to help you understand the ins and outs of how we create our products.


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Vitamins C, E, and A are commonly displayed on cosmetic and toiletry packaging leading consumers to believe a product is natural, and by extension, good for you.

Vitamins C, E, and A are commonly displayed on cosmetic and toiletry packaging leading consumers to believe a product is natural, and by extension, good for you. Well of course, they are vitamins.  Vitamins are supposed to be good for you, right? Not necessarily.


If these vitamins are in the form of Ascorbic Acid as Vitamin C, DL-Tocopheryl as Vitamin E, or Retinol as Vitamin A, it means they are synthetic ingredients, made in a lab to copy the real thing. Natural, they actually are not.


That said, most vitamins/supplements on the market are synthetically made. People have been taking things like Vitamin C as ascorbic acid for years without having to worry about it having a toxic effect. We consider this distinction between synthetic and natural a pivotal one when we make our products. We draw a hard line between ingredients that are questionable and safe, or that are toxic and innocuous.


As a good example, take natural Vitamin E, which is predominantly derived from either soy or palm. First, the soy is a problem because the vast majority of it is conventional, which means it has been genetically modified. We do not believe that GMOS have been proven safe, nor do we think they should be classified as natural by any stretch. There is little-to-no research on GMO safety that has been conducted for their long-term effects and that has not been paid for by the companies who make and sell them. And when it comes to topical use of GMOS, we know even less. So for us, it’s not worth the risk. The uncertainty is enough of a reason to steer clear. 


The bigger issue for us, though, is that we will not support the industry that insists their products are safe without evidence to show that such a statement is true, or companies that have refused to disclose GMO information on labels for customers to see, denying them the right to know, and choose, what they put in/on their bodies. 


Second, palm products also concern us because the deforestation that results from palm production commits gross assaults to the lands, animals and rights of indigenous people, not to mention the toll it takes on climate stability, biodiversity and the complex ecosystems on which all forms of life rely. The palm oil used in our products is sourced ethically, responsibly and sustainably either certified by, or provided by an independent farm in West Africa where no new deforestation is occurring.  


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At Lastics Body it goes like this: We would use ascorbic acid even though it’s not “natural,” but it is safe.

So, at Lastics Body it goes like this: We would use ascorbic acid even though it’s not “natural,” but it is safe. However, we would not claim it was natural either, because in truth, saying so would not be accurate or true. We would also have to know where it came from befoire using it because ascorbic acid usually comes from corn and then we are back to dealing with genetically modified ingredients, which is not an option. And even though it is technically natural, we would not use palm oil that was not sourced sustainably, ethically and responsibly. 


What this all means in terms of how we make our products is that our Vitamin E comes from sunflower or certified organic, non-gmo soy. Glycerin, which also faces the same issues as Vitamin E (it’s usually either from conventional soy or petroleum), in which case we will only use a glycerin that is derived from certified organic/non-gmo soy, coconut or palm oil, but again, only if it is responsibly and humanely sourced. Xyltiol is another one. It typically comes from corn, likely genetically modified, so we make sure it's non-gmo.


Organic skincare/toiletries is a nebulous, unregulated concept in close step with the “natural” movement. It's misleading and often flat-out false. So, when it comes to sourcing organic and/or non-gmo, we are committed when it involves soy, corn, canola, etc...  Otherwise, when GMOs are not an issue, we source organic first, but those ingredients can be up to 3 times more expensive than conventional. So it's a balancing act. Since we use a lot of food-based and food-grade ingredients we opt for organic if something is known for heavy pesticide use (like ginger) but then we might save by using conventional with something like avocado oil because conventional avocados rank low in pesticide levels. This is important because we don't dilute our product with any fillers, not even water. You get products filled to the rim with real ingredients. We'd rather do that, than put some organic ingredients in and chemical fillers for the rest.


Finally, we use BPA and BPS free recyclable plastic and none of our products are tested on animals or contain animal by products.


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The fragrances we use are plant-derived, either pure essential oils or natural fragrances. They are phthalate-free, vegan, GMO-free and soy-free.

The fragrances we use are plant-derived, either pure essential oils or natural fragrances. They are phthalate-free, vegan, GMO-free and soy-free. The natural fragrances we use are defined as oils that are a blend of essential oils, natural resins, isolates and other aromatic materials. A natural isolate is defined by the Natural Perfumer's Guild as:


"A molecule removed/isolated from a natural fragrance material, as defined by the Guild, which contains the isolate. Processes that are acceptable for removing/isolation are: fractional distillations, rectifications and molecular distillations of natural fragrance materials as defined by the Guild."


For more information visit, 


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Donna Flagg is an inventor and innovator who creates products for your body. She is a master at figuring out new ways to solve old problems, fueled by a passion to help people feel better and live healthier lives.

Donna Flagg is an inventor and entrepreneur. Her brands, LASTICS and LASTICS BODY are about feeling good from the inside out. Whether it’s learning to stretch like a dancer to create more freedom and flexibility in the muscles and joints, strengthen hidden weaknesses from deep within for a solid, stable body, or using clean body products to help free the body of toxins that penetrate the skin, Donna is determined to create products and opportunities that feel good, do good and are good for people and the planet.

Early in life Donna began preparing for a career in dance. After earning her BA in dance, she got a job working for CHANEL. She continued dancing but loved working in the beauty industry for all it had in common with her theatrical training.

While at CHANEL, she was identified to become a member of the corporate team, a move that marked the beginning of a wonderful career in fashion and beauty. Over the course of more than twenty years Donna worked for top, iconic brands, both large and small; Barneys New York, Donna Karan, Philosophy, Shiseido, Tocca, Nars and Clarisonic were among them. After earning two graduate degrees from NYU, and a stint on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, Donna formed a consulting firm, authored a book published by McGraw-Hill, and continued to serve the fashion and beauty industry as a consultant and writer. 

Dancing, though, remained a major part of Donna’s life, an outgrowth of which was LASTICS, the stretch and flexibility technique she created and introduced at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Since then, LASTICS has been at the Joffrey Academy of Ballet in Chicago, Pennsylvania Ballet, Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Alvin Ailey, Capezio Peridance Center and Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in San Diego, to name a few.

In the midst of all that, Donna got sick. Her doctors had no answers, and after a long string of medical mishaps, she turned to nutrition where she learned that the cumulative effect of toxic chemicals going into, and onto, her body, created a burden greater than one her body could bear. One deficiency fed another, and one day, both her digestive and reproductive systems were in total melt-down mode. 

She knew instinctively, that she was too young and too “healthy” on the outside to be so sick on the inside. She had to detox. First it was her diet, then her daily beauty regimen and ultimately, her whole body. Because she was teaching Lastics, she had to find a way to make “natural” work for her active, athletic - and sweaty - lifestyle. And she did! It began with deodorant, which is how LASTICS BODY was born. Cleansing foot spray, muscle rub and lip balm followed – all products she made to help her get through the day running around New York City without adding more chemicals to her active, and very physical, life.

Every LASTICS BODY product is inspired by the nutrition principles Donna used to heal her body and is made for people who, like her, love to move and enjoy having a body that feels alive and free!

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