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I wanted products that I couldn't find anywhere, so I started making them for myself. There are many reasons why it is so difficult to find high-quality products that are reasonably priced with honest labels, that also produce kick-ass results and provide a luxurious experience. The challenge is finding your sweet spot, balancing the battle between natural and not. That is, shelf life is not compatible with naturally born ingredients. I am all in on using only natural ingredients, so if you are a purist like me, stay tuned for our new e-book of recipes and look forward to cooking up your own natural creations! 

Meanwhile, read along as I write about the process of making body products, the nature of natural ingredients, and all kinds of things you can do to keep your body running as clean as possible!

Our deodorant is the best small batch organic deodorant available and our foot spray, muscle rub and lip balm are all part of our growing line of natural, handmade body products.

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