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Clean Beauty Day And The "Free Of" Movement

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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When I talk about understanding cosmetic manufacturing, I talk a lot about the "free of" movement. But critically, if they take something out, they have to put something in to produce the same outcome. A good example of this is "BPA Free." They replaced BPA with BPS which is just as bad, and some suspect even worse. The products still need to perform (a plastic bottle is still a plastic bottle), so they tweak a molecule, and then they can say it is "free of" whatever toxin has been outed and becomes the concern of the time. Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to slip unknown toxins into their products. That is, until they get caught.

We are now focused on a long list of toxic chemicals that were actually in play 10-20 years ago. We have “mystery chemicals," now showing up in pregnant women which are simply the next generation of toxic agents that will have everyone wringing their hands a decade from now (or longer). If history has taught us anything, we can expect to see a new body of research begin to emerge when the current generation starts to age and get sick with mystery illnesses. Then a new round of inquiries will begin and the cycle continues.

Predictably, then, the chemical companies will just start over devising ways to alter an existing chemical enough so that they can give it a new name. They have not earned our trust by any stretch, which is why we started making our own body products by hand. We know what's in them because we control what goes in. And perhaps more importantly, we will never lie about it. If you'd like to see how we make our products, you can check out our About page here.

Additionally, this “Toxic Hall of Shame” list will show you some of the biggest culprits contributing to the onslaught of toxicity on our bodies and our lives.

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