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Deodorant Done Differently

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

It’s really hard to differentiate yourself as something other than what's out there when every product that's out there says they are different too. But, chances are, they're not. Most products are sourced from factories that hold inventory on ingredients they then use across their manufacturing process to formulate products for the brands that contract with them.

For sure, money goes into custom formulas and research, but that also happens to be outrageously expensive, so more rare. In general terms, for the most part, the same ingredients circulate through the manufacturing process from brand to brand which you can see for yourself if you just turn a product over and read the back labels.

So, we thought it was worth taking a few minutes to explain why, when we say our natural deodorant is different, what exactly makes it so. Aside from the fact that we make everything by hand, so no manufacturing is involved in the first place, several other things are what make us stand out in the crowd...

  • One of the most amazing things about our deodorant is that you can put it on after you already stink and it neutralizes existing odor and keeps it from coming back all day. Other deodorants get funky when you try a stunt like that, whether it’s natural and chemical in nature.

  • We refrigerate it, making our deodorant the only one that uses the most natural and oldest preservative in the world! This enables us to literally use zero preservatives, binders, hardeners, etc…

  • There are no surprises on the back label that contradict or confuse the meaning of “natural.” We use 5 ingredients, all of which are kitchen items, all of which are completely edible – and harmless.

  • It actually works better than any other deodorant on the market.

  • The scents are complex and formulated more like a luxury perfume than a natural deodorant. And the fragrances are all natural. We just know how to mix em’ up to be less like a single or double note essential oil, and more like a multi-dimensional, layered, gorgeous fragrance. I mean, we’re talking armpits. They should be scented like wrists, neck and anywhere else you wear your perfume.

  • The scents are equally masculine/feminine. Each one of our scents mixes something sweet with something spicy or crisp to appeal to both men and woman. Honeysuckle (F) Citrus (M). Lavender (F) Spice (M). Peach (F) Evergreen (M).

  • It feels cool – literally. Even in the winter, pits are warm and moist, so refrigerated deodorant always feel nice and refreshing going on.

  • We pack over 4 ounces into each tube, so for many, it can last up to a year. Of course, this depends on how often you apply, but we hear from our customers that it easily goes 6 – 9 months.

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