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Shining Some Light in This Dark World

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Most of you know us for our deodorants, because once you’ve tried them, it’s hard to forget how pretty they smell and how well they prevent armpit odor for hours-on-end, and sometimes, days!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that due to the supply line problems which have resulted from COVID, we can’t get the containers we need to make them. And, we don’t know how long it will be until we can. Thank goodness summer is over and there is less of a need going into the colder weather, but still, it’s a bummer.

So, we had an idea which was inspired by the last two+ years of constant adjustments, living life online – and light.

It started last summer when we were feeling disoriented from the massive shifts in our lives and were looking for comfort. The one-dimensional aspect of life online was difficult for us and we thought it might be presenting similar challenges for others as well.

We wanted to warm up the Zoom experience by giving it some dimension because the multidimensional space around us collapsed suddenly into a flat computer screen. To help fill that void, we used candles to surround ourselves with delicious scents, and to soothe our eyes with the warm light thrown from the gentle flicker of a flame.

It helped a lot, so we started making customized candles for our friends and families to help soften the strain and stress of their meetings specifically, or more generally, to enhance the mood for a better online exercise experience, our stretch classes, notwithstanding.

We began by playing around with different scents, of course using natural fragrances because that’s how we roll. The combinations we ultimately concocted, were fabulous!

The first was coffee/espresso-based because there are few things Patty and I love more than our mid-afternoon coffee break. From there we explored vanilla, honey and various floral combinations.

Then, we started thinking about who we wanted to give them too and thought it would be neat if we named each candle for each person receiving it. So as a few examples we made:

Café Express for my God Niece who shares the whole coffee thing with us.

Flower Girl for my best friend who is a master gardener, and sometimes I swear, Mother Nature, incarnate.

Vanilla Bean for my God Daughter who has grown up with the nickname, Bean, and it stuck.

Complete Burn for my fitness friend.

And this went on…

So, we devised a plan to create candles this holiday season in the scents of our deodorants because they are so beloved. We often say these scents are closer to a luxury perfume than they are a deodorant, so why not fill the room with them?!

Honeysuckle and citrus; lavender, vanilla and cardamom; and nectarine, lemongrass and cedar are not your typical candle "flavors," especially ones that are scented naturally, without heavy, synthetic fragrances.

They will be available to purchase in mid-October, though quantities will be limited so if you would like to reserve your candle(s), you can pre-order here.

In addition, if you would like us to make a special candle named for a special someone on your gift-giving list, let us know. You can give us the candle name and how you want it scented, or you can give us the name and we will create a scent that matches, or we can scent and name it for you if you want to give us the inspiration, like we had coffee, flowers and vanilla beans.

You may also enjoy reading, Deodorant Done Differently.

We hope you’ll join us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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