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The Latest In Beauty Marketing Gimmicks

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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You’ll notice new words popping up every ten-to-twenty years (give-or-take) to sell products. That’s because consumers wise up to the marketing strategies companies use to convince them to buy.

A recent and ubiquitous example of this is the use of the word, “natural.” Eventually, but also fairly recently, the general public became aware that products were being labeled natural when there was nothing natural about them. Then, industry tried to double-down with a more convincing version with “100% natural,” And, even then, there were still unnatural ingredients listed on the label. As a result, the word “natural” lost 100% of its credibility.

So the wordsmiths needed to come up with another angle, and we are now starting to see where it is going. Lately, I’ve come across claims such as, “no ‘unfriendly’ ingredients,” and “caring ingredients.” It’s kind of ridiculous, not to mention deceiving. It tells us nothing. And then of course we still have the “botanicals,” being touted, along with "plant-based" everything. But if you flip those products over and read the back labels you’ll see mostly water and chemicals.

It’s the same psychology, different day, new verbiage, and most important of all, the same basic products and ingredients, rehashed, rejiggered and re-marketed over and over again.

Case in point:

Look at how this product is presented - all healthy and natural, with some molecular diagrams to make it look serious and scientific. Then look at what is actually in it. Mostly chemicals, many of which have been shown to screw up our hormones. Then, look even a little closer and compare to other creams and you'll see that it's all the same stuff, practically verbatim.

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