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Thicken Lashes, Remove Moles And Relieve Constipation Naturally With This Miracle Oil

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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We are big believers that health is tied directly not just to what you do for your body, but also what you undo. In today’s world where everything is so unnatural, we are always looking for ways to lower the toxic burden on our bodies. This entails simply reducing chemicals that make it hard for your body to function and operate normally – the way it was built to.

So, in our quest to find natural remedies we’ve become big fans of castor oil because it’s straight from nature, and also, shockingly effective.

The castor bean is actually a seed rich in oils – about 40 – 60% and known to grow in the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, India, and various tropical regions. The shell of the seen contains ricin, a poisonous toxin, which is why it’s widespread knowledge that you never eat the beans. It’s the oil we want.

We’ve put castor oil to the test and were blown away when we saw how well it outperformed compatible, non-natural products on the market.

  1. Thicker Lashes: It really did work! Just apply a tiny bit along your lash line a few times a week. Don’t overdo it, though. You don’t want to clog the pores. I do every couple of days and notice my lashes are thicker and they actually feel healthier when I touch them, which was a big surprise because I didn’t know eyelashes could feel unhealthy!

  2. No More Moles and Skin Tags: Added to a little baking soda (equal parts, make a paste), castor oil will slough off moles. Apply daily and rub with a towel after your shower. Some come off right away and easily and others take time. Sometimes I apply once a day and sometimes I do it twice. You may have slight discoloration of the skin once they are gone. In my case, that has faded over time.

  3. Works As A Great Laxative: I am not a fan of laxatives, even the ones they call gentle that work “naturally” with your body, which they describe as drawing the water from other areas in your body into your stool. That does not sound natural to me. Plus, we don’t know how that disrupts all the other systems in our bodies. I prefer a teaspoon of castor oil. It works way better than off-the-shelf laxatives, and is way gentler. Don’t be deceived though if it takes a little time. It does work! So, go slow and add more as you may find necessary.

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